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Now -a-days we see every job portals or company posting vacancies for call center, BPO, customer service (voice process) etc. Eligibility: Any graduate, MBA/B.Tech, M.Tech........ What the hell!!!!!!! A student doesn't spend Lakhs of Rupees just to do job of "Hello How may i help you Sir" for just 10,000 penny. Those job can be done by 12th fail also why the Hell MBA and Engineers. And good companies  ask experience of minimum 5 yrs and thus with no option MBA and Engg. students goes for this call center's job to fulfill their stomach. From where the students get experience if a company doesn't recruit freshers. If after doing job of call centers for 10 yrs also and goes for job then the company manager says "your experience doesn't fit our required field criteria", I think the company manager only needs to say how it will fulfill required criteria if every company even the startup company only demands experienced candidate and kick off freshers. Even some reputed company takes up freshers but for their BPO service after 5 yr only if you apply for other for which you have graduate then the manager says  "your work is good in our company's BPO department and what we require is that candidate should have experience in required department" Doesn't the company themselves know what kind of job should be given to which educated field students?? any graduate come to BPO!!!! If a student has done MBA be it marketing or finance or HR the company ask to go for field sales. WHY??????? A student did not do MBA to go home to home and knock the door and say Sir/Mam i am begging you to buy my product or else my target won't be fulfilled and i will be kick off. That job is done by uneducated too. Marketing is far far different from Sales. Why specially Indian company mingle marketing with sales. MBA students learn operation mgmt, strategic mgmt, accounts, finance, risk mgmt, HR, International HR, Brand mgmt, Hotel Mgmt and many not just to do or receive 1000 calls, and later in future hear from company's manager that their experience is not matching their requirement so, do sales or call job for rest of life.


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