Variegated Weigela in bloom in my backyard nursery

How My Backyard Nursery Started

Dave and I moved into our first home in August of 2015. We were preparing for our golden years together. In January of 2016, life turned upside down. My Dave passed away on the 29th. We had been together for 22 years.

Not a day goes by that my love for him doesn’t tug at my heart. He sends me signs that he is watching over me. So to keep myself from drowning in grief, I began work on my own backyard nursery business as a tribute to Dave and to supplement my Social Security.

Dave enjoyed the relationship I have with nature, the birds and especially plants. Following the guidance of an online Ohio backyard nursery guru, I have spent this past year learning how to propagate many varieties of landscape plants and edibles.

Landscape Plants

First I needed to have stock plants. Hydrangeas, Montauk Daisy, Princess Holly, variegated Hosta were transplanted into the flower bed at the new home from the old cottage. Little by little I have been learning how to make more plants and add to stock. How to take cuttings, when to take cuttings, how long to mist, how long to root, when to pot up; all are factors. Some plants require layering. Some you just divide. Some you take root cuttings.



Also learning components of good potting mix. Good drainage is key. Nutrients are a must for potted plants. This year I will investigate using an all-natural pre-emergent to combat weed seed germination.

Edible Plants

Dave and I had brought Victoria rhubarb plants with us. From those, two have gone into one of my raised garden beds for my use. The large one gave me hundreds of seeds. There are around fifty plants that are growing nicely from seeds I planted last fall.

I believe edibles can have a place in foundation plantings, front yard beds and patio containers in addition to backyard veggie gardens. To that end, I am working with blueberry bushes, mulberry bushes, day lilies, strawberries, asparagus and thornless blackberries.

To date, I have pretty close to two thousand trade pots ready for spring sales. There are also thousands of cuttings rooting for fall and next year. Dave is smiling down on me and our backyard nursery.

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