Author: Transcend Tranquil

Aging disgracefully

Some people have this something that keeps their charm molecules together even by the time they are hundred. I never thought – truly taking a time to contemplate – about this aging things.   I know I definitely hate being ill and in pain, nobody normal likes that. Well, maybe Dillinger, he is a type who like to set himself on fire… A few years back I was faced with this issue when I met some of my mates back from the school. They have changed, but it is not only a face or only a body, it is a...

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Manic Pixie Dream Girl 09052017

My knee is getting a little better now, but I still can feel one angle in which my nerves are not a grateful bunch. Also, I got up with a huge splitting headache combined with a toothache in a cradle. I lay off the aspirins and took a 100 mg of prescription ketoprofen. I was never offended by disabilities – I was immobilized a few times, blind a few times – but I simply can’t function in pain. After an initial shock that I managed to harm myself ‘ so badly’ and that I am ‘experimenting on myself’ by...

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Manic Pixie Dream Girl 08052017

I hate weekdays, more than the Mondays, my entire creative cycle is shuffled and now I am looking to have one losing poker game over it. I canceled my hairdresser indefinitely over a case of having no clue what exactly I want to do with my hair. I am not indecisive, I just want to be sure before I spend even a cent on something that I actually like. Otherwise it is waste of money and time. The aspirin experiment from another day deemed positive, I had a viral infection and now it is slowly fading. I had to...

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Aspirin – may help you or not

I was surprised to know that I can’t buy a normal harmless Aspirin in a local drug store, but I had to go up to another pharmacy to get it. The aspirin is an anti-inflammatory drug that doesn’t cause sleepiness or feeling a  bit drowsy, like other pain killers. Because I suffer from the headaches frequently in the last month ( spring!)  I refuse to use ordinary pain killers that my doctor prescribed for me, because they can take down the horse. This one should be quite enough to calm my stress. But, for some reason, some people bring...

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Manic Pixie Dream Girl 05052017

My hairdresser appointed has been canceled, I had another soaring headache and my nerves went to wreck. I think I am suffering from the ‘seasonal’ intermittent explosive disorder, which is said my body is suffering some health problem during and every change and I react with anger on almost anything. I found out that ordinary aspirin can help that, well – not the explosive part – but what causes it. I will not go right after a first pharmacy to stuff myself with pills, but better see if there is some other therapy- these headaches and weather change are...

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