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Prosperity is the only way – get rid of the fleeting desires

In the previous week, I have been working the whole day, literary from dusk to dawn and I feel magnificent. It was a little bit disappointing to find that many of my endeavors are not rewarded, but I am not giving up on anything. I will do, analyze, rinse and repeat until I find the best possible le pick for myself and my work. I don’t care how much work and effort it will take. The last night I dreamed something really weird but nice. The dream itself was nothing special but messages it contains was. We all have...

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Creative examples of great Writing Techniques

Twitter status into article title You see, some of the most popular article writers posting on Twitter have already made their great titles and they are posting all that stuff on twitter. So, the thing you should do is, make a twitter account, find some really good niche writers and see their posts. Twitter statuses are only 140 characters long and after you rewrite them into your own words – you will have a bunch of the titles ready for your blog. The great thing about this technique is that you can connect popular hashtags with your article or...

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Writer’s block and how to overcome it

Writer’s Block! It happens to the best too!! It is that famous moment when you stuck with your writing, your head is completely empty and you don’t know where to turn for the help and inspiration. Everything is blank around and inside you, and there is nothing to put on a paper. Tips and prompts may help, taking some time to get a grip with your story is also a good thing to do. You have to write every day, but you don’t need to write the same thing. Draft something or make emails. This condition is usually a...

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How to polish your blog post

Pay Attention to Grammar Proofreading is maybe the most unloved tasks in the whole writing process. None of us is completely perfect about that even if we really take care how we write and always hope that there is none or little to none mistakes. Find some good and easy to understand grammar resources, because you will need to check everything up and dig up some writing resources and online tools because they will ease your tasks. You will be able to find not only the mistakes in your texts but also you will learn a lot of the...

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How to write every day?

Keeping a Regular Writing Schedule Keep some special time frame for your writing or writing exercises. Having the time just for that task will make it special and you will be able to concentrate more. Of course, if you have the need or if you feel the inspiration – just go ahead and write whatever you want, but still, keep your basic writing schedule intact. If you want to make your results better, you will really need to write and be on top of it every single day. if you stop for a weekend and you see how hard...

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