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Richard Nixon wore blue pants – Stories from the Retail Wars

5/23/2017 – Richard Nixon Wore Blue Pants – Stories from the Retail Wars I was at work the other day, checking out a customer, big order, too many items for the express lane but I didnt have my baseball bat or such to hit them over to the right line. The guy next to them starts into what I can only describe as, “Random Discussion to his Imaginary Friend”. Life as a horrible musical theater without the music. He waved his arms, keeping the other customers from joining in on the developing congo line that was beginning to form at the other lines. “I want to go to an island, where the water is blue. Angry pelicans keep me here. I fear them…ANGRY PELICANS!!” If I would have had a bongo drums, I would have played along, every word a beat, then the other customers could have joined in with a dance, waving their arms, chanting, “Freedom is just an illusion, free the mind! Free the body!!” Guy kept talking, to no one, not even to himself. “Nixon wore blue pants! He showered in his underwear! I was shot in Vietnam. 1993!” He almost cried. His beer was getting warm. “Do you realize, every minute, we are closer to death?” He finally said to me. I nodded. “And Richard Nixon wore blue pants!” I replied, deciding it was a...

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A step in front of another step – This thing called Life!

05/21/2017 – Somewhere on the Planet Earth, you can pretend I’m in your bed! A step in front of another step – This thing called Life! So here I am, on Planet Earth, or maybe it’s Mars. I’m never sure. I’m in a silly mood, must be the current tidal force, making my brain wanting to type out a random blog, say stuff, maybe sing a song! Or not! So here I am sitting, 11:27 PM, wondering what the future will hold, can I stand here, on the beach of life and look out at the waves drifting sweetly...

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Beautiful Dreamer: A Poem – Neurotic Erotica!

Beautiful dreamer, Stars in her eyes, Never thought Id see heaven, Till I looked in her eyes. I wandered the world, Looking for life, Looking for love, A soft kiss in the passion of midnight. She dances, Softly, Sweetly, A soft whisper, In my mind, A soft kiss upon my lips, Her fingers, Dancing across my brain, Into bliss I go, A smile upon my heart, She is the one, Who I cry out to in midnight passion. Beautiful dreamer, Stars in her eyes, Moonlight in her hair, I never thought I would see heaven, Till that night we...

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Another Day in Newsville: I think I’ll take a nap!!!

ANOTHER DAY IN NEWSVILLE – I THINK I’LL TAKE A NAP!!!! Real news? WE CAN’T HANDLE THE REAL NEWS!!! 05/16/2017 – Mars, I think Every day, I try to check each of the news outlet- the right, the left and the middle(the middle being the bus stop where I wait for the bus!!!) Apparently, this country’s President should really just stop tweeting and meeting with Russian officials or I should stop turning on the news and let everything just blow up and quickly!! Of course, if the same thing happened while a Democrat was at the helm of the Titanic WH, the Republicans would be exploding in anger. “How could they!!!??? THE RUSSIANS!!?!??!?!” Of course a Democratic President screaming, “FAKE NEWS!” at every encounter would be kind of funny too but after awhile, it also would get on my nerves and I’m a Democrat. Well, according to the election board, in practice I’m an independent but back in the day, when I first registered to vote, back when I turned 18, I proudly stated I AM DEMOCRAT!!! Nowadays, I proudly state, “I voted for a bottle of gin for President in 2016!!!!” I don’t think I could be President. I’m too much of an ignorant putz face but at least I know I am too stupid for politics. Or maybe it’s too smart. I wouldn’t survive as a senator...

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Notes: I’ve had this as a song in my head for awhile, which is how a lot of my “poetry” comes to life, I’ll be walking outside, to the store and a song will begin to flow from my lips and I try to figure out a way to write the lyrics down before I make it back home where the lyrics.words seem to get lost, forever sometimes. This one has been in my head, as I’ve stated, for awhile but made an appearance last night in a dream, I was up on stage singing it, very beautifully(it was a dream, shaddup!! 😀 ) and decided to share it here. Sometimes dream land gives me some good stuff to post. Sometimes, even the good stuff are sad. Enjoy.   PHOTOGRAPH: MEMORIES AS SUNG IN A DREAM by Jason Giecek Into heaven, Life is better, Gone again, He’s gone again, Into Heaven, I can see forever, Forever, And ever! Life is like a magic moment, Gone again, He’s gone again. Walking through a magic moment, Like a rabbit in a top hat, Gone again, He’s gone again! Witness for the prosecution, Realize, No one else in the high again, Witness down to levels, Cross again, In love again. Real life is unimaginable, Radical invasion in your mind again, Forever, And realize that death is back, Diamonds in the living room...

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