Author: Jason

If I close my eyes, will I wake from this dream?

July 5th, 2017 – Butte, Montana My dearest one, My truest love who art in Heaven, The one who still to this day drives me wild in love, who left me for the Heavenly plane, to suffer here, who left me to dance in love with others, who think I am crazy, you knew I was, even before we met in real time. When you left me that night, not by choice, you took most of my heart, you took all of my soul. How I still miss thee, how I wish you were here with me still. Last...

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Confessions from the Check Out Stands – Chapter one

June 28th, 2017 – Somewhere in the Universe – Possibly Earth 6 days before the Fourth of July here in the states, the people, by the billion, come screaming through the checkout stand. They seem happy. Me, the cashier, checker, the guy behind the register, seems happy. The drugs are kicking in, the meds are wonderful. “Pleasant day!” he says, smiling, most reply happily, some just stand there, staring into his soul. Those are the ones who get knifed. I kid, he just moves on, scanning, a thousand items, coupons get thrown at him like he is some sort of high class stripper on a Wednesday morning. “$154.95? That seems high!” the one says, two full carts of stuff, mostly high priced organic crap. I smile. “All the coupons, sales, your mom’s vagina have come off!” They are not satisfied but they pay, they all must pay, to get their tasty bananas and liverwurst! The masses keep streaming through, it’s getting close to the Fourth of July, when America celebrates the day we killed off the alien invasion. Will Smith was there, he helped kill em off, ask him. He finds it hilarious when you do that! So he keeps scanning, making up songs, mostly about beer and prostitutes in North Dakota. The other cashiers want to call the funny farm. “He’s losing it!” one of them tells the...

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The Road Man’s Final Trip Goodbye

He writes his pain in a yellow note book, wounds run deep through his broken heart. His better half became a bitter piece in his memories. All the tragedies tattooed into his brain, locked inside the misery and pain. Rainbows don’t seem so magical after all. Dancing in the rain suddenly doesn’t make him laugh anymore. He wanders down the lonely street, piecing together what went wrong. Times like these he wishes he didn’t feel at all. He doesn’t want to care at all. Throw the pain down the hall. Laugh into the darkness, crying out lyrics to long dead songs. He tried to find Jesus in the bottom of a bottle, he wasn’t there. He found some hookers, outside of Tulsa, for a few bucks extra, they’d say they loved him as they sucked his cock. Cheap motels, pick up trucks, radio kept playing the same old songs, broke down in a steel town, last bus left in 1968. He was a lost soul among the lost souls, the dying sound of a generation lost in space, earth bound but still flapping their arms in hope to fly. Whispers in the dark, money is on the table, one more drink before she goes, high life in an old run down town, the radio keeps on playing the same old tune. He takes a few sleeping pills, washea them...

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Insanity checker – A True to life Tale?

Somewhere, inside my mind, there is chaos, I stand at my check stand, sliding hundreds of products across the scanner. There is a beep. Beep. I begin to write horrible love sonnets to some of the customers, inside of my head, some of the customers are pretty. “I shall see thee in hell, you wondrous slut, how I would like to skull bang you in a paupers’ graveyard…” Then there’s the ugly, to them at least, you can tell these people, too much eyeliner, trying to eat better, too skinny but they think they are fat. “How I love...

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Life as an imaginary bubble

Cheap beer, up at 11 pm, watched a taxi cab drive by, like a shark looking for dinner off shore at some fancy resort, fat overpaid suits dying in their speedos. Film at 11. It’s raining, hard cold rain, no news, nothing on, TV is quiet. I slept for awhile, dreamt I was some sort of gladiator in a wintery land, some forbidden war ridden world. Dreamland can be a messed up land. Laying here, it’s dark, still raining outside, cold, man walking down the sidewalk, cursing everything, his feet sloshing through mud puddles. Somewhere, out there, in the...

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