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Cinco de Mayo “Ich bin ein Mexican”

It is hard to believe that another year has gone by and now Cinco de Mayo is here once again.  But, that is cool because I love the festivities around here and the excuse to party a little with friends and family.  But, you know what, things are feeling a bit different this year.  This year the mood of the nation as affected by the current Trump Administration has made the holiday different. You may be thinking, “Oh here we go again bashing poor old Donald  Trump!”  Getting off topic for a second, I was actually thinking of starting...

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Data usage reduced with Chrome extensions

Data charges for using the Internet, whether on your laptop or home computer or even your phone, can ultimately send some of us to the poor house. But there are ways in which you can reduce the amount of data that is consumed. Currently I am reducing my data usage significantly by using some extensions from the chrome web store. First, the following extensions and data saving are are done with the following; Windows 7 professional and Chrome and or chromium browsers. My favorite is ghost browser. I think that most of us have heard of the chrome data...

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Audit bills to save money-utility example

Saving money at home can sometimes require drastic measures. One such measure which I would suggest to anyone would be to conduct an audit of all your expenses. When I say I audit, I mean a complete and thorough look at what is being billed to your household. Especially look at your utilities and phone bills. I am currently involved in doing such for myself. Believe it or not, I have come across an unusual looking circumstance upon my water bill. Listed on my water bill is a section that shows the total amount of usage. This usage amount...

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Race talk from Taxi Driver

A local taxi arrives at my house to take me downtown to do my grocery shopping and the driver immediately starts talking about N***** this and N***** that.  It took me by surprise, at the very least.  But, the incident got me to thinking about the whole idea of race in this country. Now, let me say up front that I am no expert and I only speak from the heart meaning no ill will toward any particular ethnic group or race.  That being said, let us examine a little on this subject. What Race means to us For...

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