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Race talk from Taxi Driver

A local taxi arrives at my house to take me downtown to do my grocery shopping and the driver immediately starts talking about N***** this and N***** that.  It took me by surprise, at the very least.  But, the incident got me to thinking about the whole idea of race in this country. Now, let me say up front that I am no expert and I only speak from the heart meaning no ill will toward any particular ethnic group or race.  That being said, let us examine a little on this subject. What Race means to us For...

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50 days and counting – a mystery

50 days and. counting. Sounds like the title of  a mystery novel. But the story is all too real and the outcome unsure.  This story includes intrigue both foreign and domestic. Possible interaction between Americans and Russians is highly likely and may include background business deals with our newly elected President . The president that be has publicly accused the outgoing president of committing illegal espionage upon him and his team. Washington has been remade from a government of the people into an elitist club of millionaires and billionaires . Havoc has been the trademark as illegal travel bans...

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Mother battles each day her affliction with Dementia

I have written many times over the years about  Mother and her affliction with dementia.  Many times I do it because I need a way to vent my frustration of the day’s events.  Today is one of those days. Confusion, lack of memory, uncontrollable rants and personal attacks on my person are the norm for some days.  It seems that it is now more commonplace than ever.  This makes life very tough for me emotionally.  It is wearing me down.  But it is also difficult for me to take care of her properly.  Just trying to feed her a...

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Blogging Using Sites Like Elitewriters

Blogging has become the best way for the ordinary guy or gal to express their ideas and thoughts in an open and easily accessible forum.But sometimes we caught up in the idea that it has to be our own individually constructed blog.  That could not be further from the truth.  Blogging is sharing thoughts and ideas through writing anywhere we want., among a host of other sites offer platforms where we can do the exact same thing.  The only true difference is the control of the website itself. A number of websites offer bloggers the opportunity to write...

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Tragedy strikes neighbor burning home

Tragedy is something that happens periodically to all of us.  Sometimes not directly but indirectly.  This past Thursday, evening tragedy struck only a few feet away as a fire erupted and burned down my neighbors home.   Days later and I am still running the course of events through my head in an attempt to reconcile the events. The time was somewhere around seven-thirty in the evening.  I was mentally engulfed watching the show Supernatural when I began hearing loud voices outside.  Finally, I was too curious and had to investigate.  Perhaps my neighbors were having an argument.When I opened...

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