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Nicki Manij and Remy Ma: Why Fight?

Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma are two popular American rappers. The two women are in a no holds barred social media war. I have no idea when the two had their falling out, but it has gotten out of hand. With that being said: Why are these two women fighting. In my opinion, they should use their platforms to inspire and young women, especially young women or color. Below are a list of reasons they should not be fighting: Not Everyone Cares I do not know about you, but I do not care to hear two grown women calling...

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I Want to Quit too

A few weeks ago, a Facebook friend of mine decided to quit his job. He wrote how he felt good about quitting his job. I assume he is going to start his own business. Like my Facebook friend, I want to quit my job and start my own business. Being self-employed is my dream. I do not like being on the clock, I like the freedom that comes with self-employment. Why I’m sticking in there? I’m sticking in there because I want to save money to get started. If I were to quit now, I would not have much...

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Under What Circumstances to you Work Best?

From time to time, I refer to a New York Times that features writing topics. The topic for this post is: Under What Circumstances do you Work Best. Under What Circumstances do I Work Best? For me, I work best alone. At my current job, I work with others and it is not that bad. However, I would like to be self-employed, where I can work alone for the most part. This sounds nice to me. Why I Work Best Alone? I work best alone for many reasons. Here is a list: My Own Pace Working alone allows me...

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Could you Forgive Her?

In you are familiar with the Emmett Till story, you know a woman played a central role in it. Carolyn Bryant, the woman responsible for Emmett Till’s death had made headlines in recently. This past weekend, I came across an news article where Bryant stated that she lied about Till’s actions. This lie would cost the young boy his life. This brings me to the title question: Could you Forgive Her? Background While visiting family in Mississippi, Emmett Till, was accused of flirting with a white lady, Carolyn Bryant. After some time, some media reports say four days, her...

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Jump: Take the Leap of Faith to Achieve your Life of Abundance Chapter One

Steve Harvey’s latest book, Jump: Take the Leap of Faith to Achieve your Life of Abundance is a good book, so far. The book has several lessons that any individual can apply to their daily lives. With that being said, this post will identify a few of those lessons. The lessons from this post come from chapter one and the introduction. Lessons: 1. Things Happen for a Reason. After reading chapter one, it is clear that the you have to you have to deal with failure and other setbacks in life in order to succeed. In other words, failure...

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