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Eva NYC Therapy Session Hair Mask

I am a member of a website called Influenster. Every so often I will get emails letting me know of special offers that are being offered from their site. I can take short surveys and if I am chosen they will mail a box of free stuff to me. This time around I was eligible for a Darling VoxBox.  Eva NYC Therapy Session Hair Mask One of the items I received in my Darling VoxBox was a product called Eva-NYC therapy session hair mask. This product acts a conditioner to any hair type. It has keravis protein and Argan oil inside of...

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Almost Summer Time in Many Places

It’s almost summer time in many places and what’s a great way to start off the summer? How about with a writing contest? Many of you may remember the contests we had on several occasions so we decided to bring it back. In previous contests normally the judges (@kisser and I) would pick a topic that could be written for the contest. This time around we will just pick a theme. So the theme of this contest is Summer Time.  Summer Time contest What can be written for the summer time contest? The option is yours as long it pertains...

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Death is like a thief in the middle of the night

Life is sometimes taking for granted by many. Some believe that they are invincible and that death will never come for them at a young age. Truth to the matter, no one knows when their time on this evil planet will end. Several people can argue the fact that we are born already in the process of dying, while others believe we must live before we can die.  Death is like a thief in the middle of the night Death is like a thief in the middle of the night, the majority of the time, but can happen any...

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EliteWriters now has a Forum section

@kisser and I have been looking for ways to make EliteWriters one of the best writing sites online that will keep writers happy in many areas of their life. So today we would like to announce the opening of our forums section. It is still in developing stagings and we will be adding forum topics as we go along. If there is a topic that you would like added to the forums section just drop us a line and let us...

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I may have mentioned in the past about being a part of an online chatting site which is called IRC (Internet Relay Chat). There are many different networks where a person can join and chat with many different people from around the world. One of those networks is called Undernet. I have been on Undernet for a little over a year. I finally decided to open my own channel there. There are literally hundreds of different kinds of channels that you can possibly imagine but I could not find a place where people could share recipes with each other....

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