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It’s officially the year 2017, comes in with a bang

It’s officially the year 2017. It sure did come in with a bang. No, seriously a real bang. Chicago has already seen its first death of the year. Chicago had almost 800 deaths in 2016. I am sure they will out do that this year and to think they are supposed to have strict gun laws. The country Turkey  had a horrible New Years. Some lunatic decided he wanted to shoot up a nightclub where people were celebrating. I believe 39 people died and many more were injured. The shooter, of course, is on the run with no good...

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Christmas is just right around the corner

Christmas is just right around the corner. People are finishing up their shopping for the holidays while others are still wondering where are they going to get the money to even afford a present or even food for that matter. For many, Christmas is a very stressful time of year. Some may be out of work for whatever reason, some may have no place to live and don’t have food to eat. Being able to see things through a different set of eyes than most people in my country. I am not the greedy kid that some think I should...

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Learning a second Language

This year in school, I am being given the opportunity to learn a second language while earning high school credits while still in the middle school. The sad thing is only one language is available to lean and that’s Spanish. Spanish as a Second Language Here in America, you will find many people who speak more than one language. Majority of these people speak both English and Spanish. So the school systems in my area offers Spanish to those who want to learn a second language. I guess if you actually thought about it Spanish isn’t all that hard....

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Review of Prison Break

I like to binge watch television shows on Netflix that have previously aired in years past. Netflix is so much better than trying to watch the TV show on a weekly basis. Not only do you have to wait for a certain for the show to come on but you also have to wait for each commercial. With Netflix, there is no commercial. I am currently watching Prison Break. It originally aired between 2005-2009. I have heard that they have a new season in the making. The two main characters of the show, Lincoln Burrows (played by Dominic Purcell) and...

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NBA 2K16 for Xbox One

I have been playing NBA 2K16 since Friday of last week and it is a really great game! On the section called “my career” you can create a character and the characters nickname is Freq (Frequency Vibrations). If you do really well in high school so many colleges will want you on their team. Once you advance in college then you might get drafted to a good team. I did good in high school as a point guard (PG) and I had 7 colleges want me on their team. I picked the Michigan Wolverines. You have to play 4 games in...

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